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At the Keegan Law Firm, LLC, we understand our clients’ struggles that lead them to seek our counsel. We have dedicated our professional lives to advising and representing workers in Atlanta and beyond in a wide spectrum of employment law matters.

All who consult with us can count on a warm welcome and clear explanations of laws relevant to their concerns. Those who decide to work with us are reassured of skillful, zealous advocacy. We have received hundreds of accolades from former clients and legal peers alike. Our track record of favorable outcomes is strong.

Employment Law Areas Where We Can Help You

Employment law, from our perspective, is about rights that we should all be able to take for granted in the workplace. Lawmakers, judges and employers have devoted a great deal of effort to provide employees with rights and remedies covering many areas of potential conflict, including:

  • Employment contracts: Employees and employers should have mutual expectations spelled out, in compliance with state and federal laws that pertain to specific work issues.
  • Breach of partnership: A business law breach of contract often directly involves partners’ work lives.
  • Noncompete agreements: When employers ask employees to pledge to guard companies’ intellectual property and to refrain from working for competitors soon after leaving a job, such agreements should be clear, legal and voluntarily entered into by both sides.
  • Employee training and manuals: Employees should have access to documentation of employers’ expectations and promised protections.
  • Freedom from discrimination on the job: Employers must take seriously Title VII and other state and federal laws protecting employees’ rights to freedom from discrimination on the basis of race, religion, national origin, veteran status and other identity factors.
  • Freedom from sexual harassment and abuse: Employees need to know how to prevent and report harassment and abuse without fear of retaliation.
  • Freedom from pregnancy discrimination: Laws explicitly protect pregnant women’s workplace rights.
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA): Some employers attempt to stop employees from taking advantage of FMLA rights. Others allow workers to take time off for family or medical needs but then retaliate.
  • Wage and hour law compliance: Employers and employees both benefit from explicit explanations of state and federal wage and hour laws, including when overtime pay is required and how employees may be categorized as exempt or nonexempt.
  • Executive pay structures: Deferred bonuses, “golden parachutes” and other executive pay arrangements may need evaluation by an attorney.
  • OSHA regulations and workplace safety: Employees deserve legally prescribed safety protections.

In these and other employment law matters, our attorneys are prepared to advise employers and employees proactively. We often represent employees throughout Georgia in disputes over many of these matters. Our experience and dedication can be assets on your side.

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