What should I know about reviewing employment contracts?

What should I know about reviewing employment contracts?

| Oct 15, 2020 | Employment Law |

Taking a new job is exciting. Maybe you’ve been looking to move to a management position for a while and now you finally have an offer to do that. Or you’ve wanted to get into software consulting and now you’re about to join a consulting firm. Before you do that, your employer wants you to sign an employment contract. Yet what should you know about reviewing it before signing it?

What’s covered in an employment contract?

Most employment contracts cover the following information:

  • When you will begin your employment
  • What your job description and job duties are
  • What your compensation and benefits are for this position
  • If you have any restrictive covenants you’ll need to abide by (a noncompete agreement, a nondisclosure agreement or a confidentiality clause, for example)
  • If you are an at-will employee or if your employment is set for a contracted amount of time
  • What the grounds are for termination

It is much easier to renegotiate any terms of your contract before you begin employment. So, you should review your employment contract carefully to ensure it aligns with your expectations for this new position.

Should I have an attorney review my employment contract?

Having an employment law attorney review your new job contract can be very beneficial. An attorney can ensure your employment contract is fair. As part of that, an attorney can help explain to you how the contract’s terms might limit you or not be in your favor.

Then, an attorney can help renegotiate the terms of your contract if needed.

Making sure you are protecting your interests before you sign an employment contract is important. You don’t want to be surprised down the road when you realize your contract terms are too limiting. That’s why reviewing every detail of an employment contract with an attorney is a crucial.